Looking West

May the Angel of Wildness disturb the places

Where your life is domesticated and safe,

Take you to the territories of true otherness.

– John O’Donohue

In this time of Autumn and harvest, as we continue our yearly cycle around the Medicine Wheel, we reside, once again, in a place of honoring our feminine intuition. This time of year renders a gathering of our physical and spiritual harvest, taking all that we have learned on a personal inward journey. In this direction, we associate with the Divine Feminine principle – a soulful nurturing, inner knowing, and that of conceiving new goals as recent achievements are being assimilated. Similar to the harvest, this inner meditation illuminates us with the payoff of our conscious work.

By sitting in the west, we sit in the stillness of our hearts; we travel our inner landscape. We are reminded of the bear who resides in the west for it’s her nature to travel into her cave at this time. Resting here is like going into where the sun sets, as nighttime begins. The west is where the veil is thinnest between the seen and the unseen. It is where intuition is most keen and accessible – where we can tune into our inner, heart wisdom. It is a time of letting go, of surrendering. Creativity is often conceived in the west, and our surrender into the stillness opens our hearts to the limitless possibilities that lie before us.

It takes us going within in order to recognize our personal truths; who we are; and that of which we are made. During this fall season, remind yourself of these important wonderings by connecting with the season – take walks in nature, enjoy evening fires, meditate with the fire, gather in meaningful communities and spiritual circles, watch the leaves change and fall, be silent, be still, journal. Connect with the west by delving deep within, and allowing your feminine intuition to further guide you along this beautiful path.

I am grateful for the ease of going within and knowing the gifts I bring to the world.

To further remind yourself of connecting with your intuition and listening to your heart, revisit the February newsletter here: http://enlightenyourheart.com/?p=206


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Feelings and Self Compassion

Returning Yourself to Yourself


Love life, engage in it, give it all you’ve got.

Love it with a passion, because life truly does give back, many times over, what you put into it.

~ Maya Angelo


Recently, I’ve see myself and other women, particularly in my age range, feeling somewhat disillusioned with an inner fatigue.  Years of embracing our worldly service and working to improve ourselves has brought us to a place of just feeling tired. We held anticipation that someday we would see a turnaround in our imbalanced patriarchy based society and materialistic greed.  Over the years we’ve done our best to spiritually uphold the changing of times with the belief that we would soon see great changes.  With 2012 finally here, we find ourselves wondering if any significant changes will occur in our lifetime.

We walk this spiritual path day in and day out.  Certain days we may experience spiritual fatigue, a lack of motivation, or just wanting to lighten up and take it easy.  I see myself and others frustrated, depressed, un-inspired, and wanting to let it all go, travel to faraway lands, or just play with grandchildren.  We yearn to be taken to the lighter side of life.  By increasing our focus and attention on that which feels good, we’re able to create and experience more positive feelings every day.  Yet we must still take responsibility for our lives as spiritual beings.  We cannot forget that we are Spirit in form.  With that understanding, we turn inwards, and continue our practice.

Honoring that my feelings are what they are, I look to them as guidance.  Feelings let me know when I need to make adjustments in my life, in order to know greater happiness.  It first takes an awareness of honoring where you’re at and accepting the truth of an experience, to give rise to positive changes.  I then interact with my feelings as they arise as if they’re a compass assisting me in navigating towards creating an ever more so sweet and happy heart.

Picture an emotional guidance barometer, with good feelings at the top, and bad feeling at the bottom.  Imagine that the good feelings expand into an allowing or openness, while the bad feelings induce resistance or tightness.  While experiencing a heavy, negative feeling, such as anger, soften around the anger, and acknowledge the opportunity for growth.  With the awareness of being at choice with your feelings, you can move up the emotional scale by replacing a bad feeling thought with a better feeling thought, allowing for an opening, softness, and generosity.

The legacy of our Grandmothers and Grandfathers is one of strong faith.  Consciously accepting the responsibility of being a person of great faith, we accept and know that we’re Spirit in form.  Over and over again, I find it necessary to turn towards my own heart, and towards knowing who I am.  Practicing the art of self-compassion brings me comfort in getting myself ‘back-on-track’ versus wanting to escape.  Faith and compassion allow me to trust the quiet, find the stillness, and feel the calm.  With the practice of self-compassion, we can forgive ourselves for that which keeps us less than, or keeps us from our own healing.  Self-compassion allows us to claim our own growth.  The practice begins by moving into your own heart, and creating a positive inner dialogue centered around loving yourself.

Again and again, I turn to this quiet space within, often calling on my Grandmothers to feel their presence and love surrounding me.  Softening of the heart space and residing in the stillness is an on-going practice.  For myself, I find it easiest to find peace in the surroundings of Nature.  We’re all natural beings; a truth many have forgotten.  Renewing our connection with the land and water assists in grounding and centering ourselves.  In these moments of peace, we gain greater access to our own true nature.  Through knowing my true self on a deeper level, my vibrational energy level is raised, and I feel more joy.  I strengthen my ability to focus on opening, and to allow Spirit’s all-encompassing grace and All-Good to flow in and through my ever present moments.

We come from a linage where our ancestors left us with a legacy of great faith.  What’s important is our relationship with the Divine; to know in our own hearts that which Is, and that we are love.  As we practice self-compassion, we recognize that which we truly are.  We recognize our divinity.  As we practice self-compassion we are claiming our faith, saying YES, this is who I am.


My journey is perfect and sacred just as it is.


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Clan Mother Weighs the Truth

Weighs the Truth is the Clan Mother of the third Moon cycle.  This cycle is from March’s New Moon to April’s.  She teaches the principles of Divine Law, also known as Universal or Natural Law.   By asking for clarity and illumination of a difficult situation, she assists us in seeing past the illusions, to see the expansive view of knowing the right action to take.

Each of us carries the burden of being responsible for our actions and staying in Right Relations with All.  By accepting the truth and the opportunity for growth in situations where you know you could have done it differently, or better, we hold great growth potential by taking responsibility for our actions.  These are moments in our lives in which seeing and accepting the truth of a situation comes with an act of humility.  With innocence and humility, a heart of gratitude, and in the stillness of the setting Sun, one can move forward with Right Relations to All once again.

By caring for and nurturing others, one learns gentleness and compassion for Self.  It’s a practice.  For the opportunity of growth, we each create the lessons that are ours to learn.  It is with Natural Law that an adjustment is taking place to re-establish harmony and balance.  The responsibility of accepting the truth and integrating those lessons is up to us.

Creator created us to Walk In Beauty as living vessels of Love.


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Affirmative Prayer

Great Mystery, I honor the divine essence, the very core of who I am.  Knowing that you, Creator, run through everything, everywhere, all circumstances, all relationships, all moments, and all time.  I affirm the truth of beauty and joy here now.  I know that my thoughts, actions, feelings, and energies manifest in front, around, and inside of me.  I claim and experience happiness this day. Thank you for this walk that allows me to know my feet are firmly planted upon our Earth Mother, while looking skyward knowing the wonderment of life unfolding perfectly.  Bless me with a most wonderful and safe journey this day. Thank you for All My Relations.

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Change and Intuition

Change & Intuition

Change is the one constant in the universe.  Every moment, changes are occurring, to our lives, our thoughts, our perspectives.  We can all relate to the unexpected changes that came upon us.  Those things we thought were stable and secure, all of a sudden look different; be it birth, death, divorce, moving, a new career, seeing changes in our bodies as we age, old friends disappointing us, or  new faces and opportunities coming into our lives.  As changes arise, we often find ourselves grasping hold of that which we know is solid and stable within our psyche.

As we contemplate change this month, consider the change within your own mind-set to be your own best authority.  Call it intuition, or connecting with the all-knowing-powerful-creative-self within.  However it is that you’re most comfortable labeling this inner wise woman, I invite you to get to know her and trust her!

Do you find yourself wishing that you had more clarity and wishing that you could easily get an answer to a perplexing situation you’re in?  As we mentally work through situations, we often fall into habitual patterns of the mind. The more you toss around mental gibberish, the more confused you become.

Can you recall a time when you got a hunch to call someone, or take a certain action, and you ignored it?  We often neglect to check in with our intuition because we’ve been trained to look outside of ourselves for answers. Yet, when I look back at these moments in my own life, it’s clear that my inner guidance knew exactly what to do.

When your mental self begins to overthink, or run away with postulations, stop.  Take a deep breath and move into an allowing of your inner voice to speak. Take another deep breathe, and give rise to more allowing.  Now you’re settling into stillness, moving down into your heart, versus that mind chatter. You can feel an inkling stirring within.  It is that small, still voice; just a subtle feeling that whispers, coming from deep within.  Sit with this inkling, and listen carefully.

Some women are very good at listening to how their physical bodies give them signals to pay attention.  With practice, many women observe physical discomfort when a situation is no longer in alignment with their truth.  They honor this caution-flag, and stop to listen.  They speak their truth by acknowledging “this is not true for me” and are then able to trust their feelings and start a conversation.

Often, woman spend time in nature to re-connect with the natural world and assist in remembering her true essence. How often to you pause to feel the first rays of the sun hitting your face when you step outside in the morning?  Or pause to touch a plant, tree, or flower on the way to the mailbox?  How about watching that squirrel scramble around the base of the tree in the front yard?  Taking these opportunities to honor life all around us will assist you in listening to that strong voice within, which is pointing you in exactly the right direction to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

There’s great authentic power in knowing your own answers.  This practice will bring you a sweet inner lightness and joy.  The more you search within and listen to her, the more you will develop an inner faith in this voice that will remain in all situations and in all ways.  The more you honor her, the more she is available to you, and great joy will cultivate in your life.


I know that when I become still and listen,

I become clear on what the next step is in all that I do.


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Affirmative Prayer

Dear Father Mother Beloved Lord God ~

Thank you for the remembering in this moment of creating and claiming my joy and contentment.
I know that by turning my intention and attention to the abundance of loving family and friends that my heart opens and my experience is heart-felt love surrounding me at all times.
I’m grateful for clarity and right thinking in all that I do this day. Thank you for divine energy showing up as health and vitality in my physical body. For the strength of right action and the responsibility of living a life of faith.
Bless my family, community, our Earth Mother, and all our relations on this new day.
Ah-oh and So It Is!


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Grandmother Moon Teaching

Clan Mother of this moon cycle is Wisdom Keeper.  She assists us with the arts of self-development and expansion through honoring the truth in all things. She encourages us in the remembering of our past with the lessons life has brought us, while weaving in our dreaming of the future. This practice brings you to the here and now, owning who you are.  Feeling and recording a sense of well-being in the present, residing with personal power and clarity.

Wisdom Keeper integrates lessons from seven directions. East brings an honoring of the clarity for self in your connection with the Divine.

In the South, as we reclaim the wisdom of innocence and childlike wonder, we find that through a forgiving heart, we may regain and strengthen faith and trust. We follow the truth within our own hearts.

The divine feminine is honored in the West, holder of the future. Knowing the importance of retreat and silence, bringing intuition and receiving answers. Through this inner exploration, one acquires the wisdom of loving Self.

In the place of the North, the gift of living a life full of gratitude is understood and healing occurs.  We see life’s unfolding of events as opportunities for growth and a compassionate heart.

Our spirit arrives at birth from Sky Nation, the Above direction.  By doing our personal best, we bring forward our talents and discover our destiny.

Our Earth Mother is the Below direction. The art of remembering our sacredness and bringing this into our daily awareness is a deep responsibility; walking our talk. Taking our life’s experiences and seeing the wisdom in them to share with our children.

The final direction, Within, also known as Ancestors, resides within our hearts. The mysteries of all seen and unseen can be accessed through the heart when the seeker is willing to be open and receive.

Clan Mother Wisdom Keeper teaches that wisdom comes through experience, marking the cycles and seasons of growth and change.


It’s not the destination,

it’s the journey.


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The Power of Your Thoughts


Growth is the process of letting go of our limitations and expanding yet a bit more into our original nature….

Of responding to life with a new wholeness, with a balance of heart and mind that manifests compassion and wisdom instead of fear and hiding.

— Meetings at the edge, Stephan Levine


Own the sacred truth of honoring yourself as a divine expression of the Whole.  We’re all beautiful expressions of one creative source, manifested as Spirit in form.  Holding this truth, we gain a precious opportunity to awaken to our inter-connectedness.  Known as the Eternal Flame of Love that resides in all of our hearts, this truth connects us to our Source and to all life.  Let us create a beautiful life full of connection to ourselves, our communities, and all life.

When we choose to honor our authentic selves, recognizing we are Spirit in form, we enter the realm of infinite possibilities. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we are always making use of this innate creative power.  Honoring this truth allows us to move from an ego-based mind which promotes fear and doubt, to a healthy, loving, and radiant heart-centered presence.  Let us embrace our infinite connectedness and move forward with great change.  This coming year calls us to embody the full potential that resides in our hearts.

If our lives feel disjointed, let us remember that we hold a personal responsibility to walk this beautiful journey as part of the Whole.  Let us allow ourselves to be guided, for deep within our being lies all the answers.  Let us continue to seek guidance, pray, liberate our minds, awaken our hearts, and affirm the power and presence of love.

I recall a native elder telling me many years ago, “be careful what you pray for.”  I understood then that it was necessary for me to prepare for my prayers to be answered.  I was to accept the results just as I accept the fall’s harvest which follows the spring planting.  I have since come to understand that even the power of our thinking, our words, and our beliefs will demonstrate somewhere in our external world.  Thus, I have become a great advocate for the use of affirmations and affirmative prayer to create significant positive changes in one’s life.

We often unconsciously measure what we shall receive based on the limitations of previous experiences.  Through the practice of replacing small mind, fear-based, repetitive thoughts with affirmative thoughts and prayers, one can cultivate a sweet and joyful life.  As we grow and gain experiences, we accumulate ever greater possibilities.  As you work with affirmations, it is important that you are able to feel the believability of each affirmation you are working with; even though it may not be true for you now, it feels right.  If an affirmation is not yet fully believed, scale it down to where you can feel it in your body that it can be true for you.  Practice, practice, practice, first thing in the mornings, last thought before you fall asleep at night, and in moments of self-reflection.  Choose an affirmation that you want to work with and make it your mantra.

With this practice of affirming the truth in your life, you will see that you are nurturing a happier, sweeter life for yourself and your loved ones.  Feeling a deep sense of gratitude and joy because of this, live enthusiastically and with calm and happy anticipation of more good yet to come.

Beginning this month, I will be sending out weekly affirmations and/or affirmative prayers.  I encourage you to read each one, internalize the message, and thereby discover its truth in your life.  Use pieces of each message as your daily mantra, or find inspiration in each affirmation/prayer to create your own truths.


Mother Nature is goodness, truth, beauty,

and love, and that is my nature, too.


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Grandmother Moon Teaching

Talks with Relations is the Clan Mother of the first moon cycle of this calendar year. At this time grateful to sit with our Spirit Grandmothers of old. She gifts a shell as a symbol that teaches us to listen to the voices of all the relations all around us, all we have made kin. Through them, we will always find the wisdom of the natural world. Through hearing their rhythms and the rhythms of our own feelings, we come to learn the truth about ourselves, and All Our Relations on our Earth Mother. Clan Mother Talks with Relations shows a willingness to learn and honors the rhythms of self and other. Kinship speaks of having right relationships with one’s God, Self, our bodies,, with family, friends, and All Our Relations in every part of the natural world. She understands how to have heart connection with Other by honoring their Sacred space and teaches that our relationships can become loving, productive situations that offer us opportunity to exchange ideas and to learn the lessons of sharing in order to grow in truth.

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My Journey & 2012 Offerings

Teaching from Gives Praise Woman

Gives Praise Woman reminds us to fill our hearts with deep gratitude. As Clan Mother of the twelfth moon cycle, she teaches us to see the beauty and good in every experience, and the opportunities for growth presented in every moment. When events unfold in our lives, it is because a request has been made. Requests are often emitted through gratitude, as are prayers. She teaches us that giving thanks gives rise to our heart’s desires unfolding in our lives. When we become confident in how we live our lives, express the right attitude, and accepting of changes, we walk on the path of happiness and create miracles. If we follow the lunar Grandmother, she will help us through the month.

Healing the Heart : My Recent Journey
Amidst great joy and gratitude, this year has also entailed a long journey through family matters and great loss. Honoring the passing of my Father has deeply involved honoring my own journey of the heart. Our culture rarely provides guidance along the grieving path. I remain true to my spiritual practice to help guide me through these past months. In such intimate times of being with one’s heart, we recognize the healings and the strength. Powerful feelings move through us, allowing deep unspoken parts of ourselves to surface. This is an opportunity to embrace ourselves and gain greater understanding of our true nature. As we honor these feelings, we bring clarity to the meaning of the work that is in front of us. Much of my personal work has involved compassion for greater love, gratitude for those left behind, and deep forgiveness. Forgiveness is a practice, and to be forgiving to oneself calls upon great personal power.
In the midst of such deep grieving, pain and sorrow slowly begin to loosen their grip. I continually return to feeling the loving support of Grandmothers and Grandfathers long gone. As Gives Praise Woman reminds us, once we celebrate who we are and give thanks for the lives we are leading, we then open our hearts to continue the healing process of being human.
A powerful thought to which I constantly return, is to stand in gratitude of life and to hear one’s beautiful song. The gratitude of recognizing blessings, of loving well, deeply and passionately has helped me move through this time. The gratitude of having family, friends, and community keep me centered in my work. I continue to step into the living, and to enjoy this life and others’ lives; I am grateful.

-2012 Offerings-

Women’s Inner Growth Circle
What do you want to look different in your life? Where do you want to be more? What are you hiding behind? What’s keeping you from your joy?

Life presents us with opportunities for growth each day, if we are open to them. This circle provides an intimate, safe environment where women can share honestly with themselves and each other. Whether you’re new to a spiritual path or have been traveling one for years, the Inner Growth Circle provides deep personal exploration, along with bringing much clarity to our lives. While gaining awareness of ourselves and our surroundings, we learn to trust in the natural way of things and the Beauty Path.

The Women’s Inner Growth Circle meets once a week in East Asheville for two hours. Circles begin the week of January 9th and continue for 12 weeks. The cost is $100 per month.

Please call or email for times and availability. Space is limited!
Call (828) 712-1119 or Email sharonrothmitchell@gmail.com

One on One Spiritual Coaching
$60 per session

Other Offerings
Monthly Clan Mother Gathering – Last Thursday of every month, see below for more information
Women’s Quest Circles – Please Inquire, see below for more information
Sweat Lodge Ceremonies – First ceremony scheduled for New Years Day 2012 – Please Inquire, see below for more information

For more information on any of these offerings, call (828) 712-1119 or email sharonrothmitchell@gmail.com

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