Women’s Quest

Women’s Vision Quest Ceremony

August 10 – 14, 2016

Questing begins with a series of circle gatherings to explore the foundations of self discovery. Part of taking care of oneself is remembering how to connect deeply with nature, with the sacred rhythms of the earth. All one needs to understand spiritually can be found in nature. In this modern-day, fast-paced living that we do, we often forget to slow down and see the sacredness all around us, to really honor the sacred space of the plant people, the stone people, the four-leggeds, the winged ones.

We are nature, and in our spiritual walk, we want to respect, honor, and learn from the beauty that’s all around us, the life that’s all around us. We have simply forgotten, and it’s time to come together and remember. Vision Quest is a ceremony where one can peel away the layers of everyday life and connect deeply with nature and one’s place in it.

Together, we prepare. We keep it small, and at this point offer the Vision Quest ceremony to the women only. Sometimes it looks like going up on the mountain, and sometimes it looks like supporting the questers and community at base camp. It’s a support of learning to live lives of gratitude, of learning to honor all life, to honor ourselves, to honor one another, to get in touch with how much help and assistance one has to own their personal power. It’s a time to go into ceremony, and to learn about ceremony. This is a wonderful sisterhood of women growing together in community to hold a higher vision for humankind.  There are many variations to the quest, which we have been holding annually since 2008.  If you are interested, please contact me.

A Quester’s Story: Women’s Vision Quest 2010

By Anne Heck

I’ve just returned from Women’s Quest 2010 and am humbled to be in circle with such extraordinary women who walk in a pure way – following their hearts, speaking their truth and serving the people.There was good work done at this ceremony with 6 Questers on the mountain opening themselves to Spirit and a community of beautiful, committed women eating and drinking for them and holding space for their visions.

Many teachings came to me while there.  One piece I’ve been working on the past several months is the internal balance of my masculine and feminine.  As has been typical for me, any imbalances have shown up in my physical body; my hips have been speaking to me – telling me it’s time to step more fully into my feminine power.

For many years ‘feminine power’ has seemed to me an oxymoron.  I have felt very comfortable finding my power in physical strength or in my intellect – both of which are more masculine in nature – but I was not taught to honor intuition, to trust my gut and to allow Spirit to speak through me.

This Quest gifted me with poignant demonstrations of feminine power; as well, I was given opportunity to practice my own feminine power through leading ceremony, experiencing energy wobbles and trusting myself to create balance again.

My physical pain was intense during the first day at Quest, but as I stood tall, weaved with the energy and practiced re-rooting myself with gentleness, I began to know what this feminine power – this open strength – feels like.  By paying attention to the subtleties in energy and remaining open without fear, I could feel the freedom in knowing and trusting myself to lean another way, to turn to the left or to leap and keep the course.  It’s this dance that’s done from the heart and doesn’t require physical strength nor intellect.  And when I choose to reside fully in my heart space, I notice my pain subside and a new kind of power emerge.

I could say that my feminine side became more open with this experience, but in truth, I believe I simply balanced the overuse of my masculine and allowed myself to stand with heart open. I have a ways to go in strengthening this piece; for now, I’m grateful for the ceremony that helps us to know these truths.  Blessings to all you powerful dancing women warriors; I see you and honor you.


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