Sharon Roth Mitchell

Thirty years ago Creator led me to my first Native American ceremony.   During the ceremony, I experienced a clear feeling of Being Home, and knew I had found my spiritual path.  Their song resonated so deep within my heart that I began to sit with Native Elders.  Years later in North Carolina, I attended our annual Vision Quest Ceremony where I met a husband and wife who are both New Thought Ministers.  It was through them I began to see the relationship between ancient ways and metaphysics.  They offered a three year program for ordination, which I completed, and in 1999 became ordained as a Science of Mind Minister.  Through this ordination, I became a part time hospice Chaplin, have facilitated many weddings, performed various rites of passage life events, and continue to hold a passion for sacred events.   I continue to feel passionately about bringing the sacredness into ones everyday life, particularly women.   I currently fulfill this through holding weekly Women’s Inner Growth Circles, one on one spiritual coaching, and other ceremonies.

Rev. Sharon Mitchell is an ordained non-denominational Minister who has supported individual’s spiritual journeys for several decades. She has co-facilitated women’s retreats over the past fifteen years and she leads women in realizing truths for themselves in weekly spiritual support circles. Sharon has an amazing ability to distill the truth about what women are realizing for themselves and she does this in a strongly loving and nurturing way. Sharon is a gifted ceremonial leader of both Native American ceremonies and people’s important life milestones.

Sharon loves to be of support and to hold up the “lantern” for others to see their own light shine.  She demonstrates in a beautiful way an example of spiritual integrity, and truly walks her talk!


Ymani Simmons

Peacemaker, writer, mentor, and advocate for Mother Earth and all of her children is how I describe myself.

I support women through my voice of awareness, spiritual circles, ritual, rites of passage and counsel. I am an active promoter of peace, Indigenous rights, Mother Earth and nonviolence.

The ‘journey’ is just that, a journey. The lessons and profound teachings are not waiting at the end; they are the gifts ever-present and abundant along the way. It is these Teachings that mold and transform us into a human being, instead of a human doing.

Peacemaking lead me to the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2007 as a civilian diplomat with the Fellowship of Reconciliation, the oldest multi-faith peace organization in the United States. When asked why I wanted to go, my answer is always the same…….I wanted to meet my relatives and discern the truth for myself.

When I returned, I shared my experience with numerous communities around the United States, to spread awareness and help educate the American people about the beauty and warmth of the Iranian people. In hearing some responses after my talks, I became more alert to the depth of misinformation within the American culture. I made a personal commitment to seek and share the truth as I saw it to be. I wanted to offer another perspective, another way of viewing a clouded situation. My short film about that trip, A Doorway to Persia, is viewable here.

Because we are members of the same human family, we are connected, and I feel we have responsibility and accountability to and for one another. We have been indoctrinated with fear-based belief systems through the ages and taught separation and division, judgment and hatred. My journey has taught another way of viewing life…another way of thinking…another way of ‘being’ on this earth. It is a way of living together, in harmony and with respect for all life. It is the indigenous way of living with Mother Earth.

Humanity stands at a critical crossroads and the outcome will be determined by the choices we make as individuals and as a human collective.  We each hold an important piece of this grand puzzle of life. In order to evolve into a higher state of consciousness and claim our seat in the sacred circle, we must face the emotional wounds we carry and heal them.

The pain of one is the pain of all and the honor of one is the honor of all, because We Are All Related. Mitakuye Oyasin.


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