My Journey & 2012 Offerings

Teaching from Gives Praise Woman

Gives Praise Woman reminds us to fill our hearts with deep gratitude. As Clan Mother of the twelfth moon cycle, she teaches us to see the beauty and good in every experience, and the opportunities for growth presented in every moment. When events unfold in our lives, it is because a request has been made. Requests are often emitted through gratitude, as are prayers. She teaches us that giving thanks gives rise to our heart’s desires unfolding in our lives. When we become confident in how we live our lives, express the right attitude, and accepting of changes, we walk on the path of happiness and create miracles. If we follow the lunar Grandmother, she will help us through the month.

Healing the Heart : My Recent Journey
Amidst great joy and gratitude, this year has also entailed a long journey through family matters and great loss. Honoring the passing of my Father has deeply involved honoring my own journey of the heart. Our culture rarely provides guidance along the grieving path. I remain true to my spiritual practice to help guide me through these past months. In such intimate times of being with one’s heart, we recognize the healings and the strength. Powerful feelings move through us, allowing deep unspoken parts of ourselves to surface. This is an opportunity to embrace ourselves and gain greater understanding of our true nature. As we honor these feelings, we bring clarity to the meaning of the work that is in front of us. Much of my personal work has involved compassion for greater love, gratitude for those left behind, and deep forgiveness. Forgiveness is a practice, and to be forgiving to oneself calls upon great personal power.
In the midst of such deep grieving, pain and sorrow slowly begin to loosen their grip. I continually return to feeling the loving support of Grandmothers and Grandfathers long gone. As Gives Praise Woman reminds us, once we celebrate who we are and give thanks for the lives we are leading, we then open our hearts to continue the healing process of being human.
A powerful thought to which I constantly return, is to stand in gratitude of life and to hear one’s beautiful song. The gratitude of recognizing blessings, of loving well, deeply and passionately has helped me move through this time. The gratitude of having family, friends, and community keep me centered in my work. I continue to step into the living, and to enjoy this life and others’ lives; I am grateful.

-2012 Offerings-

Women’s Inner Growth Circle
What do you want to look different in your life? Where do you want to be more? What are you hiding behind? What’s keeping you from your joy?

Life presents us with opportunities for growth each day, if we are open to them. This circle provides an intimate, safe environment where women can share honestly with themselves and each other. Whether you’re new to a spiritual path or have been traveling one for years, the Inner Growth Circle provides deep personal exploration, along with bringing much clarity to our lives. While gaining awareness of ourselves and our surroundings, we learn to trust in the natural way of things and the Beauty Path.

The Women’s Inner Growth Circle meets once a week in East Asheville for two hours. Circles begin the week of January 9th and continue for 12 weeks. The cost is $100 per month.

Please call or email for times and availability. Space is limited!
Call (828) 712-1119 or Email

One on One Spiritual Coaching
$60 per session

Other Offerings
Monthly Clan Mother Gathering – Last Thursday of every month, see below for more information
Women’s Quest Circles – Please Inquire, see below for more information
Sweat Lodge Ceremonies – First ceremony scheduled for New Years Day 2012 – Please Inquire, see below for more information

For more information on any of these offerings, call (828) 712-1119 or email

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