Clan Mother Weighs the Truth

Weighs the Truth is the Clan Mother of the third Moon cycle.  This cycle is from March’s New Moon to April’s.  She teaches the principles of Divine Law, also known as Universal or Natural Law.   By asking for clarity and illumination of a difficult situation, she assists us in seeing past the illusions, to see the expansive view of knowing the right action to take.

Each of us carries the burden of being responsible for our actions and staying in Right Relations with All.  By accepting the truth and the opportunity for growth in situations where you know you could have done it differently, or better, we hold great growth potential by taking responsibility for our actions.  These are moments in our lives in which seeing and accepting the truth of a situation comes with an act of humility.  With innocence and humility, a heart of gratitude, and in the stillness of the setting Sun, one can move forward with Right Relations to All once again.

By caring for and nurturing others, one learns gentleness and compassion for Self.  It’s a practice.  For the opportunity of growth, we each create the lessons that are ours to learn.  It is with Natural Law that an adjustment is taking place to re-establish harmony and balance.  The responsibility of accepting the truth and integrating those lessons is up to us.

Creator created us to Walk In Beauty as living vessels of Love.


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