Leap of Faith

Life Is & I Live It

Life is and I live it.

Today I choose to focus on wholeness and goodness.

Stretch my body and feel my interior expanding.

Use my breath to saturate the living cells with divine prana

To draw on this invisible Source to flourish in wellness and love.


Creator, One True Source, expresses herself as my life

In conscious knowledge today I choose a happier circumstance

To embrace myself in the arms of Mother Nature, of my ancestors and Grandmothers,

to feel the power of the sure-footed deer in my legs as I move across Earth Mother


Today, I choose to see all around me an expression of love, peace, and harmony.

Life is and I live it to the very best of my ability.




My soul craves expansion

My physical body craves expansion

My soul craves expansion through writing

My physical body craves expansion through breathing & stretching

Within the expansion and extension, I see myself softening at the edge and moving into more

As I soften into being there appears an ease of words spilling forth

Expansion this day as brought me an alignment of yoga and my expressed creativity

A healing is taking place


Thank you, Creator!

To speak clearly , loudly, and create my life re-newed, this is where I am in the mist of a most wonderful healing at this time in my life.

This past winter was long and Mother Nature blessed us with snow after snow here in the mountains.  More snow then any of the 19 years I’ve lived here in Asheville.  I embraced the most powerful healing of my physical body than I have ever done before.  The old chronic LB stuff that was buried deep within my psoas has surfaced and released!  My entire pelvic region felt a Spring renewal that I celebrated by dancing under the stars!  I have been doing quite a bit of yoga, more so than any other time in my life.  And then, surprise, just as I thought I was entering Spring with a brand new bounce in my step…..oh my, right leg demanding sudden attention….pain!  Re-group!!  I see myself as centered, balanced, and honoring this masculine/feminine expression of my creativity.  I now use my awareness to do something new, to create myself, my life, as something even better than I have known in the past!  I speak with a greater confidence.  I step in a new level of grace and greatness, speaking easily, and honestly.  Walking this Red Road, this Natural Way, I live a life of gratitude for the many gifts Grandfather Spirit blesses my each and every day.  I stand strong and solid upon Our Mother and I am a tower of the Divine Goddess expressing through me, as ME!

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