We Are Nature

The magic of the holidays is when family and friends get together to celebrate that which is good and full of hope and goodwill in life.  In this holiday season, be as the children and know this magic.  Feel the magic of the season through lightheartedness and hope that a new dawn is coming.

There is a major shift in consciousness at this time, reminding us that it is important to give thanks for all of God’s blessings.  As we collectively shift our attitude back to gratefulness in seeing the abundance in nature, with a healthy respect for all of Earth’s inhabitants, we learn from our mistakes and move into right action.

I often sit with a teaching from our elders stating “everything we need to know spiritually, we can learn by paying attention to nature, all of her gifts, and relations.”  There is truly no separation between humans and nature, because we are nature.  Because humans have an intellectual mindset, we are often under the misconception in thinking that we own and control nature.  Thus, having fallen into a delusion that we have authority over Earth’s resources.  Through our relationship with nature, we are reminded that we are no better than the rocks, squirrels, or energy reserves.  It’s all Spirit!

We are now at a tipping point.  We must live by the natural rhythms of our surroundings, bringing us back into balance with our Earth Mother.    Life is not something we go through or that happens to us, it is something we create by our decisions.  As we honor nature for all her gifts her beauty and glory call us into action now.

It is safe for us to talk about moral issues.  We know we are overusing Earth’s resources to the point of our grandchildren’s children not having what we have.   Don’t we want them to hear the songbirds that we hear in the morning?  Change isn’t easy, yet the time is such that we must address these moral issues to create a new world.  In order to move forward we must do so with positive action and attitude for the good of all.

I do this by starting small and taking personal responsibility with my own life and actions.  I connect with my moral integrity – the balance between what our actions should be, and what they truly are.  With money and governmental control, the power lies once again in the hands of the executives and politicians.  They seem too big to approach, too intimidating, yet I know I can stand strong in my moral obligations to future generations by being personally responsible.

Consumerism, cheap fuel and convenient food have made it easy to live a life of capitalism.  However, spiritually, morally, and environmentally, we know it has been misused.  We are all part of the system that supports and encourages environmental destruction.  These are the habitual patterns of our lives that we must change.  Every dollar which supports local, sustainable, and morally just goods and services provides us with more freedom, joy, and ultimately change.

Starting from the grassroots level of ourselves, we can move into conversations with our communities.  We are all going through this together, and must support one another in being mindful consumers, and minimal users.  As the communities we reach expand, our message will eventually reach those daunting figureheads of the corporations and political groups with international power.

This work is powered by love.  We love our children and grandchildren more than anything else.  To love something is to have a moral obligation to protect it.  Simple joys of this Earth Walk are often taken for granted.  The warmth of Grandfather Sun, the ability to breathe, clean water, food, shelter, and the love of friends and family are all blessings. The urgency of this work is calling upon us like never before.  Mother Earth cannot withstand much more of our ignorance.


Footnote: Inspiration for this piece came when I read an article in December 2012 issue of The Sun magazine entitled “If Your House Is On Fire – Kathleen Dean Moore on the Moral Urgency of Climate Change.” Moore is a nature writer and philosophy professor at Oregon State University.  You can read her article at http://www.thesunmagazine.org/issues/444/if_your_house_is_on_fire


I have the courage and inner strength to stand in my moral integrity.


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