Grandmother Moon Teaching

Talks with Relations is the Clan Mother of the first moon cycle of this calendar year. At this time grateful to sit with our Spirit Grandmothers of old. She gifts a shell as a symbol that teaches us to listen to the voices of all the relations all around us, all we have made kin. Through them, we will always find the wisdom of the natural world. Through hearing their rhythms and the rhythms of our own feelings, we come to learn the truth about ourselves, and All Our Relations on our Earth Mother. Clan Mother Talks with Relations shows a willingness to learn and honors the rhythms of self and other. Kinship speaks of having right relationships with one’s God, Self, our bodies,, with family, friends, and All Our Relations in every part of the natural world. She understands how to have heart connection with Other by honoring their Sacred space and teaches that our relationships can become loving, productive situations that offer us opportunity to exchange ideas and to learn the lessons of sharing in order to grow in truth.

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