Grandmother Moon Teaching

Clan Mother of this moon cycle is Wisdom Keeper.  She assists us with the arts of self-development and expansion through honoring the truth in all things. She encourages us in the remembering of our past with the lessons life has brought us, while weaving in our dreaming of the future. This practice brings you to the here and now, owning who you are.  Feeling and recording a sense of well-being in the present, residing with personal power and clarity.

Wisdom Keeper integrates lessons from seven directions. East brings an honoring of the clarity for self in your connection with the Divine.

In the South, as we reclaim the wisdom of innocence and childlike wonder, we find that through a forgiving heart, we may regain and strengthen faith and trust. We follow the truth within our own hearts.

The divine feminine is honored in the West, holder of the future. Knowing the importance of retreat and silence, bringing intuition and receiving answers. Through this inner exploration, one acquires the wisdom of loving Self.

In the place of the North, the gift of living a life full of gratitude is understood and healing occurs.  We see life’s unfolding of events as opportunities for growth and a compassionate heart.

Our spirit arrives at birth from Sky Nation, the Above direction.  By doing our personal best, we bring forward our talents and discover our destiny.

Our Earth Mother is the Below direction. The art of remembering our sacredness and bringing this into our daily awareness is a deep responsibility; walking our talk. Taking our life’s experiences and seeing the wisdom in them to share with our children.

The final direction, Within, also known as Ancestors, resides within our hearts. The mysteries of all seen and unseen can be accessed through the heart when the seeker is willing to be open and receive.

Clan Mother Wisdom Keeper teaches that wisdom comes through experience, marking the cycles and seasons of growth and change.


It’s not the destination,

it’s the journey.


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