Change and Intuition

Change & Intuition

Change is the one constant in the universe.  Every moment, changes are occurring, to our lives, our thoughts, our perspectives.  We can all relate to the unexpected changes that came upon us.  Those things we thought were stable and secure, all of a sudden look different; be it birth, death, divorce, moving, a new career, seeing changes in our bodies as we age, old friends disappointing us, or  new faces and opportunities coming into our lives.  As changes arise, we often find ourselves grasping hold of that which we know is solid and stable within our psyche.

As we contemplate change this month, consider the change within your own mind-set to be your own best authority.  Call it intuition, or connecting with the all-knowing-powerful-creative-self within.  However it is that you’re most comfortable labeling this inner wise woman, I invite you to get to know her and trust her!

Do you find yourself wishing that you had more clarity and wishing that you could easily get an answer to a perplexing situation you’re in?  As we mentally work through situations, we often fall into habitual patterns of the mind. The more you toss around mental gibberish, the more confused you become.

Can you recall a time when you got a hunch to call someone, or take a certain action, and you ignored it?  We often neglect to check in with our intuition because we’ve been trained to look outside of ourselves for answers. Yet, when I look back at these moments in my own life, it’s clear that my inner guidance knew exactly what to do.

When your mental self begins to overthink, or run away with postulations, stop.  Take a deep breath and move into an allowing of your inner voice to speak. Take another deep breathe, and give rise to more allowing.  Now you’re settling into stillness, moving down into your heart, versus that mind chatter. You can feel an inkling stirring within.  It is that small, still voice; just a subtle feeling that whispers, coming from deep within.  Sit with this inkling, and listen carefully.

Some women are very good at listening to how their physical bodies give them signals to pay attention.  With practice, many women observe physical discomfort when a situation is no longer in alignment with their truth.  They honor this caution-flag, and stop to listen.  They speak their truth by acknowledging “this is not true for me” and are then able to trust their feelings and start a conversation.

Often, woman spend time in nature to re-connect with the natural world and assist in remembering her true essence. How often to you pause to feel the first rays of the sun hitting your face when you step outside in the morning?  Or pause to touch a plant, tree, or flower on the way to the mailbox?  How about watching that squirrel scramble around the base of the tree in the front yard?  Taking these opportunities to honor life all around us will assist you in listening to that strong voice within, which is pointing you in exactly the right direction to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

There’s great authentic power in knowing your own answers.  This practice will bring you a sweet inner lightness and joy.  The more you search within and listen to her, the more you will develop an inner faith in this voice that will remain in all situations and in all ways.  The more you honor her, the more she is available to you, and great joy will cultivate in your life.


I know that when I become still and listen,

I become clear on what the next step is in all that I do.


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