The Power of Your Thoughts


Growth is the process of letting go of our limitations and expanding yet a bit more into our original nature….

Of responding to life with a new wholeness, with a balance of heart and mind that manifests compassion and wisdom instead of fear and hiding.

— Meetings at the edge, Stephan Levine


Own the sacred truth of honoring yourself as a divine expression of the Whole.  We’re all beautiful expressions of one creative source, manifested as Spirit in form.  Holding this truth, we gain a precious opportunity to awaken to our inter-connectedness.  Known as the Eternal Flame of Love that resides in all of our hearts, this truth connects us to our Source and to all life.  Let us create a beautiful life full of connection to ourselves, our communities, and all life.

When we choose to honor our authentic selves, recognizing we are Spirit in form, we enter the realm of infinite possibilities. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we are always making use of this innate creative power.  Honoring this truth allows us to move from an ego-based mind which promotes fear and doubt, to a healthy, loving, and radiant heart-centered presence.  Let us embrace our infinite connectedness and move forward with great change.  This coming year calls us to embody the full potential that resides in our hearts.

If our lives feel disjointed, let us remember that we hold a personal responsibility to walk this beautiful journey as part of the Whole.  Let us allow ourselves to be guided, for deep within our being lies all the answers.  Let us continue to seek guidance, pray, liberate our minds, awaken our hearts, and affirm the power and presence of love.

I recall a native elder telling me many years ago, “be careful what you pray for.”  I understood then that it was necessary for me to prepare for my prayers to be answered.  I was to accept the results just as I accept the fall’s harvest which follows the spring planting.  I have since come to understand that even the power of our thinking, our words, and our beliefs will demonstrate somewhere in our external world.  Thus, I have become a great advocate for the use of affirmations and affirmative prayer to create significant positive changes in one’s life.

We often unconsciously measure what we shall receive based on the limitations of previous experiences.  Through the practice of replacing small mind, fear-based, repetitive thoughts with affirmative thoughts and prayers, one can cultivate a sweet and joyful life.  As we grow and gain experiences, we accumulate ever greater possibilities.  As you work with affirmations, it is important that you are able to feel the believability of each affirmation you are working with; even though it may not be true for you now, it feels right.  If an affirmation is not yet fully believed, scale it down to where you can feel it in your body that it can be true for you.  Practice, practice, practice, first thing in the mornings, last thought before you fall asleep at night, and in moments of self-reflection.  Choose an affirmation that you want to work with and make it your mantra.

With this practice of affirming the truth in your life, you will see that you are nurturing a happier, sweeter life for yourself and your loved ones.  Feeling a deep sense of gratitude and joy because of this, live enthusiastically and with calm and happy anticipation of more good yet to come.

Beginning this month, I will be sending out weekly affirmations and/or affirmative prayers.  I encourage you to read each one, internalize the message, and thereby discover its truth in your life.  Use pieces of each message as your daily mantra, or find inspiration in each affirmation/prayer to create your own truths.


Mother Nature is goodness, truth, beauty,

and love, and that is my nature, too.


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